INSTRUCTIONS. Answer the following exercises by marking the lettered response that
best answers the question or completes the incomplete statement.

1. The Roman numerals LXXVII express what Arabic number?
a. 78
b. 77
c. 67
d. 64 . . 2. The Roman numerals IVss signify what amount?
a. 6 1/2
b. 5 1/2
c. 5
d. 4 1/2 .. 3. An order for an eye medication reads, "gtt II o.s. tid." How many times during 
A 24-hour period should the drug be administered?
a. Two.
b. Three.
c. Four.
d. Ten.
MD0913 1-31 4. In the following equation, what is the value of X? 3 = X 5 10
a. 1.5
b. 3
c. 6
d. 17 5 In the following equation, what is the value of X? 1/2 = 0.6 30 X
a. 6
b. 9
c. 18
d. 36 6. In the following equation, what is the value of X? 0.8 = 5 2 X
a. 0.8
b. 1.25
c. 8
d. 12.5 7. In the following equation, what is the value of X? 0.25 = 1.5 1 X
a. 6
b. 10
c. 15
d. 25

MD0913 1-32 8. How many milliliters of Promethazine Hydrochloride injection labeled 25 mg/ml
must be administered to provide a dose of 12.5 mg?
a. 0.5 ml.
b. 6.25 ml.
c. 12.5 ml.
d. 25 ml. 9. A 120 ml bottle of Thiabendazole oral suspension labeled 500 mg per 5 cc
contains how many grams of Thiabendazole?
a. 1.2 gm.
b. 12 gm.
c. 120 gm.
d. 1200 gm.
10. Which of the following units of measure is/are expressed in the system that is
official for use in the U.S. Army?
a. Both c and d below.
b. Both d and e below.
c. Grain.
d. Gram.
e. Pound.

MD0913 1-33
11. What is 0.5 gm in terms of milligrams?
a. 5 mg.
b. 50 mg.
c. 500 mg.
d. 5000 mg.
12. What is 27.3 ml in terms of liters?
a. 0.0273 liters.
b. 0.273 liters.
c. 2.73 liters.
d. 27,300 liters.
13. Approximately how many milliliters are in 8 fluid ounces?
a. 3.75 milliliters.
b. 240 milliliters.
c. 128 milliliters.
d. 120 milliliters.
14. A 10-grain dose of aspirin expressed in milligrams is approximately:
a. 10,000 mg.
b. 30 mg.
c. 60 mg.
d. 600 mg.

MD0913 1-34
15. How many milliliters are there in 3 pints?
a. 1500 ml.
b. 1419 ml.
c. 195 ml.
d. 90 ml.
16. An outpatient is given a drug, which has a dosage of ten milliliters. How should the
dosage be written on the label?
a. x
b. 10 drams.
c. 2 teaspoonsful.
d. 2 tablespoonsful.
17. You must administer 20 grams of Mannitol from a 150 ml bottle of 15 percent (w/v)
Mannitol injection. How many milliliters are required?
a. 30 ml.
b. 75 ml.
c. 133.3 ml.
d. 300 ml.
18. How many grams of dextrose are in a 250 ml bottle of five percent dextrose
a. 2.0 gm.
b. 12.5 gm.
c. 50 gm.
d. 250 gm.

MD0913 1-35
19. How many milliliters must be injected from a vial labeled 60 mg/cc to give the
client a dose of 1/4 grain?
a. 0.25 ml.
b. 1.5 ml.
c. 2.7 ml.
d. 15 ml.
20. Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride (Librium) injection is supplied as a dry powder
labeled 100 mg with a separate 2-ml vial of special diluent. How many should be
used to administer a 30 mg dose?
a. 13.5 milliliters.
b. 2.7 milliliters.
c. 0.6 milliliters.
d. 3.3 milliliters.
21. For cyanide poisoning, a 0.3-gram dose of sodium nitrite must be administered
intravenously. Your supply is a 10-ml ampule of a three percent sodium nitrite
solution. What volume of the solution must you use?
a. 0.3 ml.
b. 1.0 ml.
c. 3.0 ml.
d. 10 ml.

MD0913 1-36
22. You wish to infuse 50 mg of Metaraminol Bitartrate (Aramine) in 500 ml of five
percent dextrose injection. How many milliliters of one percent Metaraminol Bitartrate
injection must be used?
a. 5 ml.
b. 10 ml.
c. 100 ml.
d. 500 ml.
23. After reconstituting a 1 gram vial of Erythromycin Lactobionate with SWI, what
fraction of the dilution must be used to provide a 350 mg dose?
a. 0.035
b. 0.05
c. 0.35
d. 0.5
24. How much should sterile water for injection (SWI) be used to reconstitute 1 gram
of Erythromycin Lactobionate for injection?
a. 5 ml.
b. 10 ml.
c. 15 ml.
d. 20 ml.

MD0913 1-37
25. How many milliliters of Sodium Ampicillin, reconstituted for IV administration
according to table 1-13 in the subcourse, should be injected to provide a 250 mg
a. 2.5 ml.
b. 25 ml.
c. 250 ml.
d. 2500 ml.
26. The pediatric antipyretic dose of Aspirin is 65 mg/kg/24 hr, divided into 4-6 doses.
What should be the total daily dose of aspirin for a 55-pound child?
a. 425 mg.
b. 525 mg.
c. 715 mg.
d. 1625 mg.
27. The pediatric dose of Ampicillin for moderately severe infections in children
weighing 40 kg is given as 50-100 mg/kg/24 hr, divided into 4 doses. What is the
range in a daily dose for a 66-pound child?
a. 2.0-4.0 gm/24 hr.
b. 3.0-4.5 gm/24 hr.
c. 4.5-6.0 gm/24 hr.
d. 6.0-7.5 gm/24 hr.

MD0913 1-38
28. What is the approximate surface area of a 15-pound child whose height is normal
for his weight?
a. 0.25 m².
b. 0.36 m²
c. 0.42 m²
d. 0.83 m²
29. What is the approximate surface area of a 22-pound, 18-month-old child who is 31
inches long?
a. 0.4 m²
b. 0.44 m²
c. 0.48 m²
d. 0.51 m²
30. A 17-pound child of normal length with a resistant staphylococcal infection is to
receive Sodium Oxacillin (Prostaphlin) for injection. The usual four doses and
administered well-diluted, by slow IV drip. What should be the range of a single
dose for this child?
a. 146-293 mg.
b. 212-424 mg.
c. 375-750 mg.
d. 431-863 mg.

MD0913 1-39
SITUATION: A 45-pound, 7-year-old girl of average height is to begin Griseofulvin
therapy. The dose of this drug is 10mg/kg/24 -4 doses, orally. The average adult dose
is 500 mg daily in divided doses.
Each numbered term in column A below indicates a method of solving the daily
child's dose. Once you have solved the child''s dose according to each method, find it in
column B and enter the corresponding letter in the blank.
Column A Column B
(Method) (Daily Dose)
31. ___ Clark''s Rule. a. 184 mg
32. ___ Young's Rule. b. 243 mg
33. ___ Calculation using mg/kg dose. c. 205 mg
34. ___Calculation using mg/m² dose. d. 238 mg
35. ___Calculation as a fraction of adult e. 150 mg dose based on surface area.