Your All-Inclusive Website

best website builderTo get Your Revenue website, click here.

Here''s the Income Activator''s ready-to-go website you begin with; click to view.

1. It''s setup with all the software incorporated, saving you time and money. 
2. You can customized your website to the look and feel you want.
3. You can add your own domain name and we attach it for you for free.
4. You are automatically registered in our very profitable affiliate program.
5. Included is hosting &  the revenue software you need. No hidden add on costs. 

Plus, your website comes with step-by-step Marketing Strategies and videos. Our ''Let''s Begin'' video shows you how to edit your pages and setup your revenue streams.                       

Income Activator Affiliate Awareness Program

All Income Activator website owners are automatically part of the affiliate program where you earn $30 per month, on every one you refer that gets an Income Activator website.

1. When you bring on 2 people your Website & Hosting are FREE!
2. When 100 people get an Income Activator website you''ll earn $3,000.00 per month.
3. When 3000 people get their website through you, that''s $90,000.00 per month.
This is a huge opportunity! There are millions of people using website platforms that are little more than an online brochure. WordPress has over 60 million subscribers!  

Affiliate Promotional Websites: You can request us to set up an Affiliate Promotional Website similar to this website.  After you register for your website, simply send an email to requesting an Affiliate Promotional Website. 

Customizing Your Website

income activator sample websitesYou can customize your website by adding your own content, pictures, videos & links.

1. You can find images, for free, on various stock photo sites. 
2. We can also create a customized home page video for you, like this: Essential Oils
3. Included are ready-to-go CoachAuthorSpeakerVeteran home pages.

Website Examples: Here are some examples of websites created from the Income Activator website platform; HypnotherapySoapsOffice SuppliesMedicalPublishingChocolatePetsFloat Homes.

Website Software & Hosting

income activator website builder software

1.  Ready-To-Go Responsive Website For All Devices.
2.  Forms, Auto-Responders, Data Collection. 
3.  Email Messaging, Tracking & Open Rates.
4.  Ability To Do Your Own SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
5.  Visitor Commenting, Ability To Password Protect Any Pages.
6. Hosting, unlimited Bandwidth & Pages.
7. Can Request Customization Of Software Functions.

Revenue Software & Products Included 

1. Online Store

Income Activator store exampleYou get a fully functional online store where you can sell your own products and services, or affiliate products and service. It also comes with Income Activator''s affiliate products where you can earn $1000''s in commissions. You can also hide these products.

Here are some Store Website Examples; Oil Sensations, Publishing, Fire Systems, Pet. Your website also comes with award winning eBook templates where you can create your own books and sell them from your online store.

2. Office Supply Store

free office supply websiteYou get a ready-to-go store with 50,000 office products (US delivery locations only). This is like having your own Staples Store, and with better pricing! To purchase a website with these products would cost around $25,000. This is included in your starter website. View the office supply store.

This can become a very profitable revenue stream when you promote your office supply store to local business to buy from. You receive up to 15% commission for every sale and order and shipping are done for you.

3. Income Activator''s Internet Services (Optional)

website designYou can promote website design services and mentoring programs.

Website Design: Don''t have a websmaster who has never made money online design your website. Instead, have Lee Romanov, who has made millions of dollars online, over see the design of your website. The average cost to build a website is $2500 of which you are paid $500 in commission.

Mentoring Program: Lee Romanov provides 10 hours of coaching in any area of online marketing and revenue generation.  The cost is $2000 of which you are paid $1000 in commission. 

4. Hemp Wellness Products - USA Deliveries Only

hemp wellness products

This is one of the most profitable and fastest growing businessses today. These Hemp wellness products do not change the state of mind of the user. Instead, it can produce significant changes in the body and has been found to have significant benefits.

These products are from a full-spectrum CBD-rich whole cannabiniod plant, from organically grown hemp. All ordering and shipping are done for you and you receive up to 15% commission on every sale.

5. Lead Tracking Software

lead tracking softwareOur lead tracking software allows you to create Referral Forms, sending leads to companies you recommend, and get paid for it. 

You can also create referral forms using this lead tracking software on other websites and blogs. 

You recommend companies everyday, which Spa to go to, or accountant to use, or which law firm gives free consultations. But when you do it online, you can get paid for it, big time!

Our software tracks your referrals and creates your invoices. View demo website, sending leads to lawyershome contractors, services. You can also send these leads through your cell phone.

Every one can be their own Directory, just like Angies List and Home Advisor. You can make passive income by setting up a Resource Page sending leads to businesses you recommend. 

6. Leads Tracking To Multiple Businesses

home renovation lead websiteYou can send one lead to multiple companies at once and get paid by each.  This can be used when you have companies that bid for business.

For instance, you can set up a website so when your visitor completes the Referral Form, they are directed to multiple companies that will bid for their business. If you have 10 companies each paying you $10 to bid, as in this painting website, each visitor completing your referral form will earn you $100 per lead. You can also create referral forms using this lead tracking software on other websites and blogs. 

7. Your Own Pay Per Click Links & Pay Per Click Ads From 3rd Party Companies

pay per click website softwareYou can set up your own Pay Per Click Links and send leads to your own advertisers just like Google does. You create your own pay per click rate, and you can embed your advertiser''s website within your website so they are not kicked off your website! To see how this works, click here and then click on the Pet Plan Insurance link. 

You can also embed 3rd Party Pay Per Click Ads by companies such as Google AdSense. To view a website page with these ads on it, click here. You can add Google ads into any page of your website. Google pays you 68% of what the advertiser pays them, when a visitor to your website clicks on one of their ads. It''s free to register for Google AdSense. 

8. Membership Software

income activator membership softwareYou can create secured and an unlimited number of Member Sections for ''Password Protected'' pages on your website. Your visitors simply register and login with their ''Email & Password'' before they can access or view your ''Password Protected'' website pages.

There Are 2 Types of Member Sections

Instant Access is when you wish to allow anyone entering in their ''name & email'' to have immediate access to your password protected or member''s sections.

Approval Access
 is when you wish to approve your visitors before you allow them access to your password protected or member sections.